In the modern world, it is very expensive to have empty spaces in the home and work spaces. For this reason, the exchange of goods in the home and office is very important. We are now facilitating your lifestyle. You have the opportunity to replace your belongings at home or at work with our product, mowme, without any need of anyone anymore. Mowme, our product, allows you to easily wipe and clean the bottom and periphery of your furniture at any time and safely carry your furniture back to the old place..


According to moowme's patented "stop & advance" technology, it is similar to the mechanization of a pen working in and out of the ball. The result is a simple and powerful solution that is completely concealed and does not affect furniture design. Lift it to move freely and bring it to the desired end


A simple array of furniture moves to move or stay in place will achieve performance. In the "stop" position, the furniture sits safely on the edge of the mooveme mahfasası. Simply lift the mobility to about 15 mm and let the furniture go into "motion" mode and you can move the furniture 360°. Repeat the "stop" mode. Intuitively simple and easy!

Features & benefits

  • A solution that end consumers can easily adapt to!
  • It can be applied to almost all types of furniture with direct placement or adapter use.
  • It has a dynamic load of 200 kg on 4 legs and a static load of 400 kg.
  • It provides the possibility to clean, rearrange, move, or replace furniture with a single person in the room for other purposes.
  • Special design for use in hard-coated, parquet and carpets up to 5 mm high.
Ø42 mm direct fixed model; 52 mm height 42 mm diameter can be drilled suitable for any structure.Suitable for wooden legs, plastic legs, mold cast legs and other types of construction. It is also suitable for mounting directly to hollow wooden panels, wooden or MDF seating structures, facades and separation walls. It is specific to possible applications, designers and furniture, and has no limits whatsoever.
It can be installed in an empty tube from steel, aluminum or plastic used as furniture stand. 44 mm (M44) threaded and allows independent height adjustment on each leg with the help of the appropriate nut. Suitable for use with legs in metal, aluminum , plastic or similar materials.